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Matthew Crowe is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His passion is songwriting and he finds great satisfaction creating melodies and lyrics that tell a story.  His lyrics reflect the experiences he has had in his own life, some beautiful, some painful, and people who he has loved and lost.  His lyrics draw the listener into the scene and tell a story in a truly poetic way. His genre is grounded in folk/americana/country though his versatility has allowed him to dabble in different genres of music. Some of the songwriters that have inspired him include Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, Jay Farrar and Gillian welch He has been compared with Watchouse, Tyler Childers, Ray LaMontange, Band of Horses, Fleet foxes, Tom Petty.

Matthew was born in Panama, the son of a U.S. military officer and businessman, and he spent his early childhood years in Central America and Mexico until his family settled in the Pittsburgh area.  

Music was a big part of his childhood. His grandfather Jon Crain was an accomplished opera singer who sang for the New York City Opera. “ I remember, as a kid, getting on the elevator with doors closed, my Grandfather wailing a high C note as my ears were ringing”. His Grandmother was a voice teacher at West Virginia University and his father an accomplished jazz pianist and music fanatic. “Growing up my father would play a wide variety of music from Stevie Wonder to The Beatles to Dave Brubeck to Dave Grisham”. His older brother David Crowe is a pianist, singer and a writer of children’s music.

In the 90s Matthew formed a band “The Earthworms” which grew to have some success in the Pittsburgh area and was billed with other local bands such as Ploughman’s Lunch, Rusted Root, Psoas and BrownieMary. Matthew started as drummer for The Earthworms and eventually made the move to guitar/mandolin and collaborated in songwriting with 2 other members.
Matt now performs with his long-time friend, Kate Beck, who played with him in high School in a band “Happy Accident”.  Their current band is called “Radios on the Moon” and together they collaborate in songwriting and performing at local Pittsburgh venues.  They are known for their style of harmonies tied with classic songwriting.

Matthew is soon to be releasing his first solo EP titled Strings. It was recorded and co-produced by Joe Matzzie at Future Sounds Studo and features Matthew on guitar, mandolin, keyboards and vocals, as well as Pete Freeman on pedal steel and dobro, Craig Akin on upright bass, Brad Yoder on glockenspiel and Kate Beck on vocal harmony.